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Young woman on her way to become American Idol contestant

  Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Young woman on her way to become American Idol contestant

Best of luck to her. Alabama is going strong in TV talent contests with the successes of Reuben Studdard and Brad Cotter.

Melissa took the stage Sunday in the state capitol and went on to win the Montgomery Idol contest, defeating 94 other contestants.
It is her first step to becoming a contestant on the wildly popular reality show American Idol, but it is far from being her first step toward her dream of being a professional singer. She took that step long ago.
(...) She said her parents -- Greg McCord of Opp and Lynne McCord of Andalusia, seemed a little concerned that she may postpone her law degree if the "Idol" audition goes well, but she knows she has their support.

Remember the name: Melissa McCord. And start warming up your telephones (and AT&T pagers) now!

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Reader Comments

Posted 3/19/2005 10:52:14 AM by meghan

Im only 13 I think theres an American Idol for my age I hope I can get in cuz im a reallly good singer ive been in chorus for years and I plan to show off my talent at American Idol for kids my age! ( 13 )

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