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Roadwork progressing on schedule

  Thursday, January 29, 2004

Roadwork progressing on schedule

The face of the landscape is changing. What will it look like in ten years?

state construction work for a strip of Highway 84, which stretches from Andalusia to Coffee County, may be four-laned in a year's time, according to Bill Wofford, district engineer for the Alabama Department of Transportation.
"The four-laning between Andalusia and Enterprise is underway," Wofford said.
(...) The only section that hasn't been let to contract for paving work is the Babbie-Opp stretch, which will cover approximately three miles.
"Paving contracts will be let later this year or early next year," he said.
Wofford said the contracts will be awarded to the lowest bidder.
It will cost $3.5 million, and is about 90 percent complete, added Wofford.

The project is funded 80 percent by federal funds, 20 percent by state funds.

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