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Personal account of a heart attack

  Friday, January 28, 2005

Personal account of a heart attack

A Bainbridge Sportswriter suffers a heart attack in Andalusia and writes about his experience of medical treatment in Andalusia and Dothan.

I was there for the start of the day, but by about 8:30 a.m., I was having chest pains that weren’t due to acid reflux, however much I wanted them to be. That was the high point of the day, as everything else was downhill.
I was rushed to the ER, and for a small town, it wasn't a bad one. They worked on me, at least the nurses did. The males worked, but asked what we were having at the show. They were quite interested in the hunting and fishing equipment that we were bringing to town. (...)
I had three shots of morphine, a few of those tablets that go under your tongue and was loaded in an EMS vehicle (...) for the ride to Dothan.
The doctor I had was about an ax-handle-and-a-half wide across the shoulders and an outdoorsman. (...) [T]hey hacked my chest open and looked at it. Took pictures also.

A very important (and funny) article that everyone should read. It's soo important to get yourself to a hospital asap when you're having chest pains! (Women should also be aware that they might have atypical symptoms of a heart attack and might not have the typical chest pains.)
I'm really glad that the reporter had the courage (and humor) to write this. It might save someone's life.

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