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Ownership change for Paris Packaging

  Friday, March 12, 2004

Ownership change for Paris Packaging

Interesting to the local employees of Paris Packaging, their families and friends.

Paris Packaging has a new owner. And that's not necessarily bad news for the 42 employees at the Andalusia facility.
According to a statement from Bill Carver, president of Paris Packaging, the company was acquired by 21st Century Group, LLC, a private investment fund located in Dallas. Carver said the acquisition was an exciting opportunity for Paris Packaging, and its employees.
(...) Steve Dendy, plant manager of the Andalusia facility, said the acquisition of the company by 21st Century wouldn't impact the local plant significantly.
(...) "Currently we produce folding cartons for companies such as Popeyes and Church's," Dendy said. "This could provide the opportunity for us to branch out to other businesses that utilize folding cartons."

One can't help but get a bit nervous when a company is changing hands. But it looks like this is a change combined with improvement, if new opportunities open up.
The 21st Century Group is backed by one of the largest investment firms in the country, so they know what they're doing.

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