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Mobile home with view of lake... of toilet paper and feces

  Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mobile home with view of lake... of toilet paper and feces

WSFA reported on this story of a mobile home park where wastewater is bubbling up due to a broken sewer pipe.

What makes the smell even worse is the fact the entire mobile home park is on the same system, meaning every time there's a toilet-flush, the waste rises to top in front of Gunter's home. Gunter says he had no choice but to uncap the line at his place because if he didn't, the mess would have backed up in his home just like it did last August when the problem first started.
"When we came in one day, we saw the sewage backed up in our bath tub and it spilled onto the floor," Gunter says.
Two phone messages to the mobile park's owner so far have gone unanswered, but he did reportedly tell residents he will start repairing the line on Monday.

I do wonder about these instances. Often I hear about people who live in mobile home parks where the park owners are reluctant to invest anything in upkeep and repairs.
Many people are being taken advantage of because compared to apartments, there is not much competition, and turnover rate is lower. But even if the rent for mobile homes is low, there should still be enough money to make sure the plumbing, appliances etc. are in good shape, and residents can maintain a good standard of living.

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