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Great animals can be found at shelters

  Sunday, March 7, 2004

Great animals can be found at shelters

The Daily Home Online of Talladega, Pell City, and Sylacauga features a great article this week, about the work of an animal control officer.

Brown is animal control officer for St. Clair County. For nearly four years, Brown has traveled the rural roads of St. Clair County picking up stray animals and delivering them to the local shelter.
(...) He said the warmer the weather gets, the busier he gets picking up stray animals.
(...) Seventy to 75 percent of the stray animals I pick up are on dead-end roads," he said.
People drive by and dump a dog or litter of puppies in isolated areas of the county instead of taking them to the animal shelter.

Tim Brown points out that all area shelters have outside pens so people can leave their unwanted pets there, anytime during the day or night. He also points out that few people know that you can get full-blooded dogs, horses and other great animals at the shelter. I know, we got our own cat from a shelter and it's the sweetest cat you've ever seen - except it meows a bit too much, especially early in the morning!
The advantage getting your family pet from a shelter is, the people working there are very familiar with the animals and can tell you the disposition of the animal.

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