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Born on the first of September

  Sunday, February 13, 2005

Born on the first of September

An Andalusia man ripped off several homeowners in the gulf coast region whose houses had been damaged by hurricane Ivan. He took 50 percent money up front for roof repair, then did very little work before disappearing.

"He was soliciting roofing business, starting in November," Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department Spokesman Rick Hord commented this Tuesday.
"He (Garvin) would demand 50 percent payment up front," added Hord, noting that the amount usually averaged several thousand dollars for roofing repairs Garvin told residents he would perform.

I don't want to give his whole name here, in case he turns his life around. What's the chance though that he will never exploit others' misfortune again for his own gain? I dunno.
He is two years old than yours truly and really should know by now that crime doesn't pay.

06:28 AM   

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