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Beautification progress in Andalusia

  Friday, March 19, 2004

Beautification progress in Andalusia

I can't tell y'all how happy I am about this. When my husband and me took pictures of Andalusia last year (the ones you can see in the gallery) we found ourselves uttering 'it's a shame' every few minutes. Andalusia seemed desolate and completely neglected, when its potential beauty could be seen right underneath the surface. Now, finally things are being done about it.

Starting with the Court Square, old and uneven sidewalks have been replaced with brick, lightposts have been added, and the overall appearance improved, as far as most people are concerned. That project has extended down East Three Notch, but it isn't stopping there.
(...) House Speaker Seth Hammett and State Senator Jimmy Holley announced yesterday that Andalusia has been approved for a $160,000 grant for the downtown sidewalk project. Funding comes from federal funds and is administered through the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Read about all the upcoming improvements in the article. This is really exciting. I wish I could say that someone in higher places took a look at the online gallery and realized something had to be done. (Probably not.) But, once everything is finished, we will take new pictures and move the current gallery into an archive - 'Andalusia, The Way It Was.'

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