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ATV driver Gone Wild!

  Friday, January 16, 2004

ATV driver Gone Wild!

Looking for a bit too much excitement...

The Red Level Police Department spent almost an hour Thursday night chasing down an alleged reckless driver.
On Thursday, Jan. 15 at approximately 5:52 p.m., Officer Jeff Daniels of the RLPD attempted to stop the driver of a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle at the intersection of South Pines Road and Covington County Road 82 - the Gantt/Red Level Highway.
"The driver of the four-wheeler, Noah Elmore, attempted to elude Officer Daniels," Red Level Police Chief David Anderson said. "Elmore failed to yield to the blue lights (of Officer Daniels' patrol car) and was all over the road, driving erratically. He turned onto Sellers Pond Road, a dirt road, and Officer Daniels lost him in a clay pit."

'Alleged' reckless driver?
Hopefully we see this on the Fox Channel some time soon to get the whole story and video.

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