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About the pro and cons of political campaign advertising signs

  Monday, April 19, 2004

About the pro and cons of political campaign advertising signs

Nice article about the political signs that can be seen everywhere right now: along sidewalks, on the side of the highway, in front yards, etc.

We have heard more than one person express concern about the placement of these signs. Some object on philosophical grounds -- isn't that sign a little too close to a polling place?
(...) Some object on safety grounds -- it's hard enough to see past shrubs, mailboxes and parked cars without adding a grove of political comments on colored cardboard to further block the view of oncoming traffic.
(...) We respect and honor those who make the commitment to run, but politicians should campaign as they intend to serve -- following the rules, with the public welfare in mind at all times.

Good point. I'll be glad when the November winds finally blow all political posters and signs out of there...

06:31 AM   

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Posted 2/11/2008 10:38:40 AM by Hi

zrya ti tak
zrya ti tak

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