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About recent livestock killings

  Thursday, January 22, 2004

About recent livestock killings

This one should not be difficult to solve. Malicious killing of livestock is a Class-C felony.

A total of nine horses worth more than $200,000 have been shot or have turned up missing in Covington County since last September, and state agriculture detectives and local detectives met Thursday night with those horse owners whose livestock were victims of shootings or possible theft.
Of the six horses that were shot, five died and one survived; three others remain missing, according to Tim Forehand, a state agriculture investigator.
(...) "My son goes to Opp High School, and he has started listening (for possible leads)," Butch Mathis, whose colt was shot and killed Dec. 1, said.
Mathis, who was on the brink of tears, added the colt, unbroken, would have been worth $2,000 by its second year.
One woman has had a horse shot and killed, followed by more grief.
"We had a mare that went missing last night," Shirley McNeil, who had another horse killed by a shotgun blast in September, said. "The fence was cut in two places, and there were footprints all over the area. A vehicle was also parked close to the fence."
McNeil also had two other horses missing. She raises Tennessee Walking Horses, and she said the total value of all four horses was about $100,000.
"I don't know if those (missing) were stolen or if they died somewhere," she said with frustration in her voice. "It was my father's dream (for us) to raise walking horses."

Let's keep our fingers crossed they catch those b---ards soon.

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